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To us, creative social media and entertainment isn’t about vanity metrics. It’s about driving real actions from your ideal customers. We’re one of the few agencies that get how to pull measurable results from your corporate actions – whether you’ve already got an avid following, or you’re just starting your brand’s creative digital marketing journey.

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We don't just tick boxes. We incorporate the right elements that work together to hit your goals.

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Large-scale campaign? From multiple languages, to analytics on a global scale, we've done it all.

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Our campaigns are based around simple concepts that can evolve and scale as your business ambitions grow

Snowed In Studios Partners with Neptune Agency and Creates ‘Scarab’ To Help Brands Enter Video Games Industry

Scarab Games has tapped global gaming and advertising experts, Neptune Agency, to help chief marketing officers lead their brands into the valuable world of AAA gaming.


“Disruptive marketers know their brand has the power to extend to new media,” said Ryan Valley, CEO of Neptune Agency. “What we do is provide a tutorial into the world of console and PC, that will give a famous brand the opportunity to build an experiential world that gamers can immerse themselves in.”