A Creative Public Affairs Agency


This year we successfully planned, built and delivered one of the largest public affairs campaigns in Canada. We helped secure over 2 Billion dollars for the space sector. But strategy starts with design. One thing we have learned over hundreds of campaigns is that in order for your strategy to be legitimate it must coincide with a powerful brand message that is supported by powerful brand visuals. Starting from your website favicon through your digital billboard once the building blocks are cohesive the voice becomes natural. We know how to cook up beautiful websites, social media campaigns, printed materials and interesting content. The real magic is making sure thousands of people digest it and act on it. We build campaigns for audiences and those audiences deliver value back to you.

Social Media

No you can’t just build a Facebook page and expect people to show up. If it were that easy we wouldn’t be in business. The fact is the social media landscape has powerful tools built by thousands of developers that can be used in almost any manner required. Our team can get you from Facebook to Tik-Tok, reddit and beyond to make sure it delivers an audience back to your goal.


Do you remember Quarkxpress? We do. We have been building and designing ads since the 1990’s. Many of our staff weren’t even born yet. But programs don’t make the ad campaign. Thought leadership does. Whether it is a national campaign or a local sale Neptune Agency enjoys a wealth of experience to trigger that next call to action.


Visual storytelling through great design is paramount to success. Have you ever jumped on a website and had flashbacks to GeoCities? The first thing that happens is the last time you go there. Design is important and we love that.

Website Development

Thankfully getting a website up and running is relatively simple and affordable. Whether it’s a simple WordPress install, Shopify creation, or a complicated commerce development our team has the experience of designing some of the world’s most recognizable brand sites. We start with a discovery meeting and end with a product that works for you 24/7.

Digital Product Development

You have an idea. Awesome. There are millions of them. You need to build it from ground up. Great. That’s where we come in. From technical evaluation, audience testing, business efficacy to brand, commerce and launch strategy we will manage your next Unicorn.