Being a small robot isn't always easy

Microsoft Tinker

Being a small robot marooned in a surreal world of clockwork, obscure mechanisms and infuriating puzzles, even less so. Tinker was created as a perfect mix of casual gameplay and immersion and available to all Windows PC users.



A challenging puzzle game that users loved. Tinker was developed into the concept, animated and coded with direction from the Microsoft Studios team. It launched as a free game with purchase of Windows Operating System.


Upon launch used marketing vehicles to ensure game was deployed to millions of Microsoft customers. Additional level packs were released as well as a level creator where players could design their own puzzles and share online.

3D animation

The robot took life inside the studio and was supported by 3D animations and marketing tools to bring worldwide attention.

Key Numbers

1 +
levels created

Over 70 levels included in the original game, the level maker was used by hundreds of aspiring game designers to create new challenges for players. Shared in the game, the community and across Youtube the adventures never stopped.

1 +

Tinker was designed for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users and freely distributed. This made it one of the most installed PC games in history.

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