Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows

Microsoft Windows Touch Pack

The Touch Pack offers three games and three Microsoft Surface apps, all designed to show off the experience of moving, pinching, and twirling your fingers on a touch screen.




Windows gamers have limited time for each game. They have to complete each level in the game within the given time limits. Gamers have to move the origami pieces around the garden pond through various obstacles.

Microsoft Blackboard

Windows touch players used gears, fans, seesaws and other objects to move balloons, balls and light bulbs for the solution of the puzzle. Multitouch players can move parts of machine pieces using their fingertips on the blackboard for completing the solution.

Microsoft Rebound

In Microsoft Rebound multitouch game, Windows gamers try to move linked Tesla balls to score a goal against opponents in a limited time period. Multi touch game players can use their fingertips to move the Tesla balls in the field.


Our extended team conceptualized over 50 game types at the dawn of multi-touch interface. Each game was animated, coded, and prepped for Microsoft Gold shipment via disc and download to the delight of millions of customers.

Microsoft Garden Pond
Microsoft Rebound

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The Windows 7 Touch Pack was included on every Microsoft touch based computer and completely free for download. It created a fun and engaging interface for a generation of new touch users to understand the interface and gestures.


Developing multi-touch games was a challenge. The team needed to rethink the way a gaming interface worked before touch was a mainstream option. Everything from where items were placed in the design to make it effortless and fun needed to be considered. Three incredible games came to light that provided hours of fun and learning.

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