Project Description

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Help Secure Canada’s Place in Space

Did you know Canada had been without a national space strategy for almost two decades?! When we were approached about the dilemma the Canadian space sector was facing, we were aghast and jumped at the opportunity to make change.

What Exactly is Don’t Let Go Canada?

The #DontLetGoCanada Campaign is a coalition of over 60 space sector companies across the nation who have mobilized an effort to keep Canada in the International Space Program. It is an effort we are engaged in to help build a national space strategy that will secure our nation’s leadership role and our nation’s aerospace industry in long-term funded space exploration participation with the other G8 countries. This means billions of dollars for the Canadian space and aerospace economy. It will secure our long-term future to explore the moon via the Lunar Gateway Project and eventually help humankind on the path to Mars and keep our leadership position strongly in place for the decades to come.

The Neptune Role?

Neptune needed to flex its full advertising and social muscle and reach deep into its expertise on building brands, content, and delivering a social engagement campaign that would be applauded by Canadians, industry, and politicians in unison. To date we have achieved that, but we are not done yet. Through all facets of digital, social, and traditional media we are engaged in designing one of Canada’s most historic public affairs campaigns to date. From Facebook to Reddit, CBC to Huffington Post we have developed the brand and messaging from ground up through web, imagery, photography, videos, social content, events, contests, and street teams.

This is a project that we have never felt so passionate about. It will help define and secure our country’s role in space moving forward. Don’t Let Go Canada has been called the number one space related news story of 2018 by