Project Description

McDonalds’ Happiest of Studios

The Happy Meal has been delighting children for decades. The anticipation from children to find out what new and exciting or iconic entertainment brand would end up in their backseat was canon for most childhood memories. As digital games became abundant and iPads replaced board games, the world’s largest burger chain looked to reinvent play within their brand and our members had the opportunity to be part of the massive team that it took to make Happy Studio a reality. By combining characters from Charlie Brown to Pokémon and The Smurfs to Spongebob, a world was created that brought toys and packaging to life. Whether it was catching a dragon in AR or delivering digital books, Happy Studio entertained millions of kids and families with content that extended the life of play beyond the plastic toy. Our co-founder and ECD lead a team that played an integral role at the creative, art and development levels on his previous agency’s project.