Project Description

Connected Cities is Managing Data in VR

Neptune have a deep history in future tech. With a pedigree of developers from the gaming world, the team has been developing AR for almost a decade; and crafting experiences in VR on Oculus Rift, Vive HTC and Samsung VR. Our co-founder and ECD in his previous agency role with members of our creative and technologist network planned with Salesforce and Vive HTC to deliver an incredible VR application for the Connected Cities project. Connected Cities is a perfect use case for VR by helping users manage big-data and help make correlations between events more vivid and apparent by displaying these events and resources in ways we are used to already perceiving the world, opposed to sifting through spreadsheets. The efficiency of being able to predict an event in an instant can not be as easily achieved through traditional/conventional means.

All who experienced Connected Cities VR experienced something they hadn’t before and were inspired to imagine the enormous potential of Connected Cities VR as a real Enterprise tool. MR is the future, we’ve seen it.